The Team Jesse Foundation
Mission: To provide education and support for families of fallen soldiers in honor of SSG Jesse Williams


Mission: To provide education and support to families of fallen soldiers in honor of SSG Jesse Williams

Wimmer Solutions Goes All-Out for Four Charities

Not only is Wimmer Solutions one of the top masters and elite lacrosse teams in the post-collegiate lacrosse world, but they are a respectable organization as well. Besides winning titles in Hawaii this year, a bunch of the players ran a free clinic for local kids. In honor of those titles, Wimmer Solutions has chosen four charities to support and will be sending players from the teams to personally deliver funds: $20,000 in total to organizations hand-selected by the players. Each player got up in front of the group to discuss their reasoning for picking those charities and the players will be involved in delivering the funds. Obviously the Hawaii championship is pretty competitive in itself, but Wimmer CEO Matt Sauri added a caveat this year for the boys: the donations would go based on the team's results. So since both the Wimmer Master's and Elite teams won, each organization gets $5,000.

Sauri describes the all-out effort of his teams as nothing he's seen, including one play in the championship when Max Seibald got mugged at one end, chased the ball down on the other and turned it all the way back around for a goal.

"It was all effort, and these heroic plays are different than anything I’ve ever seen at that tournament," Sauri says. "I didn’t have to remind the guys about what we were playing for; they knew it, and they were vocal amongst themselves about it"

Above are a mix of photos of the Master's and Elite teams, as well as some shots from Wimmer Solutions free clinic. Here are the four charities that Wimmer Solutions will be donating to:

Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership Corporation (suggested by Brett Queener and Connor Martin)

Supersonics Lacrosse (Suggested by Adam Messick)

Starlight Children’s Foundation Mid Atlantic (Suggested by Chris Taylor)

New Beginnings (Suggested by Adam Messick and Chris Taylor)

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