The Team Jesse Foundation
Mission: To provide education and support for families of fallen soldiers in honor of SSG Jesse Williams


Mission: To provide education and support to families of fallen soldiers in honor of SSG Jesse Williams

Rest and Quality Time - Day Thirteen

After covering nearly 500 miles and over 20,000 ft. the previous days, we rolled into Cedar City, UT looking forward to a day to recover and prepare for the tuff week ahead. Since Cedar City had "City" in the name, we were optimistic about reasonable accommodations and hopefully a Starbucks! We were not disappointed to find both and many other amenities in this town of 24,000 know as "Festival City USA", although I didn't see or hear of any festivals going on.

My brother Matthew and his family drove from Corona, CA (all 6 of them) to meet up with us for a bit as part of a road trip they were taking. It was great spending time with my nephews Joshua, Cameron and Chase as well as my niece Elizabeth. We spent time by the pool and just hanging around playing lacrosse and with the whippets. Matt joined us for a bit in the evening and provided some quality lacrosse instruction to Joshua and Cameron who both picked up the newly learned skills quickly. Thanks Matt!

I got my nephew Joshua a unicycle for his birthday last August and he has been determined to ride it ever since. He has now grown a bit and was riding uphill, downhill and even over the grass. We invited him to join us for the start or day 14.

Speaking of day 14, the road ahead is hilly and long. We have multiple 5000+ climbs including 2 rides of 108 and 117 miles, respectively. Matt and I are calling this Team Week, as we will rely on each other more than ever to make it to our next rest day in Telluride Colorado where we will have good friends and members of the town greeting us. There is also a rumor that Kerry Bunday will be flying in for part of Team Week. Stay tuned for more of that.

In other news, we will be making changes to our Ride site this week adding video, a picture gallery and separating out media coverage from our blog.

800 miles down and 3400 to go - we are chipping away a day at a time and our mission is gaining momentum. Thanks to all for your support and contributions.

To the limit,


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